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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Can you come to our hotel?

We are able to come to your hotel to arrange the trip, if you have already decided where you would lilke to go and we have already made a booking for you. We are however not able to meet just to chat and discuss which excursions are avilable in Phuket, all the information is on the site

Why are your prices for the excursions the way they are?

We work with a large number of tourists with minimal mark ups. Our many years of experience enables us to negotiate the best terms from our Thai partners.

Then why are the prices so expensive with the tour agencies?

They will guarantee you a transfer, and provide a free, general excursion, provide a hotel guide, maintain transport, and an office. All this costs money.

Can we trust you?

We have been operating in Phuket since 2007. Phuket Cheap Tour - is an officially registered company with a license from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. You can find a good deal of feedback on us on our site, as well as on the Internet as a whole.

How can we arrange an excursion with you if we are already in Thailand?

Call us on our telephone numbers and we will agree a meeting at a time and place convenient to you or we can tell you how to arrange everything over the phone.

Are you able to provide a Russian speaking tour guide?

All the main excursions are undertaken with a Russian speaking tour guide. Have a look at the information provided in our price list. On the excursions where a Russian tour guide is not provided, local Thai nationals provide the service, and you can converse with them without knowing the language.

On which days of the week do the excursions operate?

All the prices, as well as the days on which the excursions operate are indicated in our price list

Do you provide insurance?

Insurance is provided for you on all the excursions from the Thai operator that is providing the excursion. No company is able to obtain a licence to conduct excursions without insurance.

We were told that it was only our tour agency that offered good service, and insurance. Is that true?

You were probably also told that in other tour agencies the boats are old, the personnel are not good at their jobs, and that the boats would be overloaded. What is more you would have been told that the you needed to book as soon as possible as places were limited. None of this is true. It is very often the case that people who have booked through another tour agency meet those who have booked the very same excursion with us, just 2-3 times cheaper, and they are very upset.

Which excursion can you recommend for us? Where can I go with a child?

It is difficult to recommend anything without knowing a person, and tastes are different for everyone. Children are also different, some of them do not like buses, others boats. Everything that we would recommend is on the site. All the excursions are described in detail on there, and there are photos, and videos. There is also feedback from tourists who have been on excursions with us, so take a look and see what might interest you.

How can we find you?

Our office is situated on the exit from Patong towards Karon. A map is provided below. Before you come to the office however do please give us a call as maybe we can come to you, or we can resolve everything over the telephone.

Do you offer discounts?

We provide small discounts for groups of 10 people or more, and we also give away our branded shirts if you book 3 excursions at the same time. Sizes available are: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Where is the pick up point for the excursions?

We are able to pick you up from your hotel for every excursion. However if you are staying in remote areas, such as Rawai, Nai Harn, Chalong, Panwa, Phuket-Town, Ao Po, Naithon, Mai Khao, be prepared to pay a surcharge for a transfer. The easiest places in this regard are the beaches - Patong, Karon, Kata. This does not concern evening shows and the aquapark, where a transfer from any location is paid separately.

Why do we need to pay a deposit? What are the criteria for the amount of the deposit?

If for any reason you do not go on a tour, the Thai companies would charge us a forfeit. Sometimes this can be 50% and sometimes 100% and on certain excursions no deposit is needed. It is for this reason alone that we request a deposit ahead of an excursion.

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